Stress: Effects on your Body and Mind

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Stress: Effects on your Body and Mind

Stress (Physical or Mental) can affect your health on long term. Many times, you may not realize it.

Stress symptoms can affect your body, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Once you recognize common stress symptoms, it can help you to manage them effectively. Unrecognised stress can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Common effects of stress on your body:-

• Headache

• Leg pain or Body pain

• Chest pain

• Fatigue without any exertion or minimal efforts

• Decrease in sexual desire

• Stomach or Gastric problems

• Sleep related problems

Common effects of stress on your mood & behaviour

• Lack of zeal or loss of interest in daily routine

• Anxiety, unnecessary fear

• Increased Irritability or anger

• Feeling of Sadness or depression

• Change in food intake (Overeating or loss of appetite)

• Angry outbursts

• Drug or alcohol abuse

• Tobacco use

• Social withdrawal

• Loss of interest from your favorite activities/hobbies