Recipe: home made soya chips

Smruti Shah
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soya chips

Home made soya chips 

Ingredients :

for dough:

1 cup soya floor

1 cup wheat floor

2 cups rice floor

1/2 cup malai

2 tea spoon oil

salt to taste

1 tea spoon red chilly powder

1/2 tea spoon haldi powder

For sprinkling:

1 tea spoon rock salt(sanchar powder)

1 tea spoon aamchur powder

1/2 tea spoon chat masala

1 tea spoon red chilly powder

Oil to fry


Mix all the  ingredient for dough. Add water and make dough like paratha..

Make equal parts from dough. Take one part and make a big roti. Cut that roti like chips shape,

Do the same in remaining dough.

Put oil in Kadai. fry chips in medium flame.

mix all the ingredient to sprinkle. And sprinkle it on chips..

Home made soya chips are ready to serve.