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Here’s what parents can do:

Make a rule that electronic devices get turned off an hour before their teen needs to fall asleep (meaning eight to 10 hours before they need to wake up). It’s best if they are charged outside the bedroom, so that there is no temptation to respond to alerts. A second choice is to have phones on “Do Not Disturb,” which quiets all alerts except alarms (although buying an alarm clock is a viable alternative that many people forget about these days).
Enforce this rule.
Prioritize sleep. Sit with your teen and look at how their time is spent, and map out the day so that they can get to bed on time. If their homework and other activities make it impossible to get at least eight hours of sleep, then something needs to give. Physical and mental health needs to be more important than whatever it is they are doing instead of sleeping.
As parents we need to encourage inner beauty, hard work, achievement and being a loving person more deliberately because our teenagers are constantly faced with the self-promotion addiction of the social media world. We have to parent them to choose courage over fear and to speak up for themselves person-to-person.

As parents we need to accept that social media is a normal part of our teenager’s life. All parents have to do is follow their teenager and his/her friends on the different social media outlets and they know exactly where their kids are. In light of this we have to parent more intently and deliberately on nurturing their self-esteem to be based in achievements, being a good person, working hard, having in-person conversations and reminding them of the value of real life.

We want our kids to have a good future. That’s why we talk to them about avoiding bad words, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, about working hard in school and staying out of trouble. And it’s why we need to talk to them about sleep.
It’s all about balance

All of us, especially young people, need to learn how to exercise moderation in the things we spend time on. Having fun and staying connected to our friends and family is important. Some teenagers will do this by spending a lot of time connecting with their friends on social media, or by hanging out with other ‘gamers’ when playing multi-player games online. That’s okay!

But it’s important to support them to balance that with face-to-face time with people, and to make sure they leave enough time in their week for physical exercise, learning, and other types of play.