Manner Manual For Teens

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Manner Manual For Teens
manners for teen

Learn To Express Yourself

Now That you have crossed tweenage and entered teenage, it is time to develop your communication skills and gain the confidence to do well in life. Expressing yourself verbally is crucial as the way you communicate will be evaluated by your future friends, employers and others you meet. In a party or social do, get up and exchange pleasantries with people around you.

Reply Promptly To Email

Answer emails quickly – most of the successful people including business honchos and state heads do that. It shows that you are a responsible person who values others’ time and effort, Also, send thank-you notes on mail after you have attended an event and enjoyed it. And spell check your copy before hitting send.

Be Enthusiastic About Your Work

Cheerful people are liked and appreciated in classrooms and later in life at workplaces too. A grouchy, unsmiling face does not win friends or popularity. Have a positive attitude towards life and the work you are doing at the moment, be it your holiday homework or the upcoming sports event.

Make An Effort With Grooming

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours before the mirror. But a clean and polished appearance is a must. Trim your nails, clean your hair and feet and wear a mild fragrance or deo to look fresh and tidy.

Have Compassion For Your Helpers

Do you avoid making contact with drivers and servers? Not done! When they give you the bill or talk to you, look them in the eye and say thanks. Your effort will be appreciated.

Listen To Others

Everyone (almost) loves talking about themselves which is fine. However, when you are conversing with others, make sure you listen to them equally well and don’t talk about yourself all the time. A great listener is liked and appreciated by all.

Stand Up Straight

Keeping your shoulders straight and walking confidently creates a good first impression. Also, Look straight ahead when entering the room at an event. Do stand up when one of your friend’s parent or grandparent walks in to the room where you are socialising- get up, smile and give a cheerful greeting.

Avoid using your cell- phone or any other technology while dining with family members, especially with elderly people. It gives the message that you don’t respect their time and presence.