Love Life & Yourself At 30s

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Love Life & Yourself At 30s
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Welcome to your 30s!You may feel like you're slowing down a bit—or you could feel like you're in the prime of your life.Now, you may be more concerned about:

Maintaining a healthy weight
Keeping your skin looking fresh and more youthful
Reproductive issues, anything from getting pregnant—or not—to finding a birth control method that matches your lifestyle
Preventing bone loss
Reducing stress

How Your Body Might Be Changing

Many women begin to gain a few kgs in their 30s as their metabolism slows. To maintain a healthy weight, it's important to have an exercise program that includes aerobic activities such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, and to eat a well-balanced healthy diet, low in saturated fats, full of fruits and vegetables and light on processed and junk foods.
Your skin may seem a bit duller and you may be developing fine wrinkles into your 30s.Using mild cleansers and moisturizers and being sensible about sun exposure will help you look your best.
Although you can't see it, bone loss begins in your 30s and can lead to the bone-thinning disease known as osteoporosis later in life.Make sure your diet is rich in calcium—the mineral that keeps bones and teeth strong and healthy. Stay or get active with aerobic weight-bearing exercises (jogging, dancing, for example).
If you're in good health, have early prenatal care and practice healthful lifestyle habits, you're more likely to have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. But there are risks associated with pregnancy at this age. Fertility decreases in your 30s, particularly after age 35.
You may feel stressed out more often than not. In your 30s, you may be juggling a career, parenting and caring for aging parents. Practicing good health habits will give you the edge you need to stay on top and stay healthy. Eat nutritious, low-fat foods, exercise regularly and don't smoke. 
And, don't forget to make time for personal activities that can help reduce stress. These might include yoga, gardening, reading and spending time with friends.