Keep Your Baby Safe During Sleep

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How can I help keep my baby safe during sleep?

Always put your baby to sleep on his back – at night and for naps.
Put your baby to sleep on a firm surface, like a mattress in a safety-approved crib, bassinet, or play yard.
Use a fitted sheet. Keep loose bedding and soft objects out of your baby’s crib.
Share a room with your baby – but not a bed.
Make sure your baby doesn’t get too hot during sleep.
Never smoke or let other people smoke around your baby.
Breastfeed your baby.
Make sure your baby gets all recommended shots (vaccines).

What about other sleep-related causes of death?

Creating a safe place for your baby to sleep also protects her from accidental suffocation. Suffocation is when someone can’t breathe. For example, if a blanket is covering a baby’s mouth and nose, she may not be able to get enough air. This can cause accidental suffocation.

To lower your baby’s risk of both suffocation and SIDS:

Set up your baby's sleep area next to your bed – but don't share a bed with your baby.

It’s very important to never put your baby to sleep on a soft surface, like a:

Couch or chair
Adult mattress
Comforter or quilt

It’s also important to never put your baby to sleep with soft items like:

Soft toys
Stuffed animals
Crib bumpers
Sleep positioners or wedges