Guarding against dry skin

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dry skin
Guarding against dry skin
dry skin remedies

The skin is a very important organ, and the largest organ at that. So maintaining and keeping it healthy should be a priority.

Its importance couldn’t be compared, because it’s this skin that protects you against UV rays and help regulate your internal temperature.

With age, oil glands become less active. Your skin is less able to replenish the oils and fluids removed by soap and water. To guard against the drying, try these tips:

• Limit frequency

Bathing once a day or every other day is sufficient for most people.

• Limit time and temperature

Use warm (not hot) water for a maximum of 10 minutes.Too much hot water removes the natural moisturizing ability of skin’s surface cells.

• Select soaps carefully

Choose superfatted, nonsudsing soaps that clean without removing natural oil.  Soap substitutes in bar, gel and liquid forms are less drying than are deodorant and antibacterial soaps.Soaps and harsh cleansers remove protective lipids and damage skin proteins, weakening the skin’s surface and exposing deeper and deeper layers to additional moisture loss. Your skin isn’t just losing water. It’s losing the ability to retain water.

• Limit use of soap

Limit use of soap to your face, underarms, genital areas,hands and feet. Using clear water on the other areas of your body cleans adequately most of the time.

• Pat dry, don’t rub

When toweling dry, pat your skin gently. Or brush your skin rapidly with the palms of your hands.

• Seal in moisture

While still damp, lubricate your skin with an oil or cream,especially on your legs, arms, back and sides. A heavy mois- turizer (water-in-oil formula) is longer lasting than a light cream that contains more water than oil (oil-in-water formula).

• Consume enough water

Stay hydrated and keep your skin looking radiant and healthy by drinking water. Atleast, eight glasses of water daily would sure guard you from a dry skin.Water, in itself, would hydrate your skin inwardly.

• Limit Sun Exposure

Using skin care products that offer ultraviolet protection is one of the best ways to help keep your skin looking fresh and youthful.

There’s prevention and there’s healing.

Sun. Dry winter air. Air-conditioning. Traveling by plane. These are all some common dry skin causes and solutions. But to heal skin that’s already dry, you should moisturize regularly with a lotion designed to heal dryness. From the first application, a healing lotion will restore skin’s flexibility, its ability to seal in water, and will fill in cracks to give your skin a smoother feel and appearance. With regular use, you can experience healthy, healed skin every day.