Foods that kids should have during exams

Smruti Shah
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Brain and the nervous system are kept healthy by eating the following foods regularly:

Walnuts: Walnuts along with other nuts like almonds, peanuts, pecans and cashews; are a power house of energy, omega 3, magnesium, manganese and copper that help in maintaining brain function & nerve function to the optimum level. A regular dose of nuts in your child’s diet ensures his improved attention span and quick learning abilities.

Milk: Milk and milk products like yoghurt, cheese and cream are rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that enhance the nervous activity, thus promoting efficient memory, creative thinking and increased attention span. Milk combined with honey also stimulates the production of a ‘brain relaxer’ chemical called ‘serotonin’ that calms the nerves and controls irritable, over-active children.

 Turmeric: Commonly used in the Indian curry preparation, Turmeric (haldi) is a source of a phytochemical called ‘curcumin’ that is proved to prevent Alzheimer’s and enhance memory. Curcumin prevents free radical damage, stops degeneration of the brain cells and helps heal worn out brain cells. Other spices having similar effects are cinnamon, cumin and cardamom.

Greens: Green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, onion leaves, kale, wheatgrass; and other greens like broccoli, bittergourd, ridgegourd and sources of natural chlorophyll, potassium, and calcium. The body to form haemoglobin in the blood directly uses chlorophyll. Haemoglobin carries oxygen to the brain, thus, ensuring that the brain is alert and active at all times.

 Banana & Natural Sugars: Banana and other fruits like jackfruit and custard apple provide ample amounts of potassium, selenium, copper and calcium that are food for the nerves. Since the brain comprises of more than 30,000 nerves, it is essential to maintain nervous health for a healthy brain. In addition, other fruits & dried fruit are a source of natural sugar that fuels the brain and keep it active throughout the day.

Hydration: Children often tend to neglect fluids while studying due to the sedentary nature of the job. Hydration is one of the most essential lifestyle corrections during stress. Drinking enough fluids like water, juices, chaas, lemonade etc. helps flush out toxins, reduce body heat and keep the body refreshed.


It is important to avoid the baddies as much as it is to eat the goodies. Artificial sweeteners, white sugar and other commercially used sweeteners directly impact the development of brain and nervous system. Overdose of candies, chocolates, desserts, sweets, sugary cereals, aerated beverages, packaged juices, sherbets are shown to cause loss of memory, lethargy, irritability in children. In addition to these, heavy-fatty meals should be avoided as the cause lethargy. 

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