Easy Sore Throat Remedies

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ગળામાં દુખાવો
sore throat
warm water
વરાળ નો નાસ

Soothing minor sore throat pain (ગળામાં દુખાવો)

To help relieve a sore throat, try the tips below. However, see your doctor if you’re exposed to strep or have any of these signs or symptoms: fever, nausea, vomiting, swollen neck glands, difficulty breathing or swallowing, tonsils with pus, or severe pain that doesn’t improve in a few days.

• Drink lots of liquids (પ્રવાહી વધારે લો )

Being well-hydrated helps keep mucus thin and easy to clear.

• Gargle with warm salt water ( હુંફાળા પાણી માં મીઠું નાખીને કોગળા કરો )

Mix about a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water to soothe and help clear your throat of mucus.

• Suck on lozenges or hard candy ( ચૂસવાની દવા (lozenges) મોઢામાં મમળાવવી )

These products stimulate secretion of saliva, which bathes and cleanses your throat.

• Consider taking pain relievers (જરૂર પડે તો દવા લો )

Over-the-counter analgesics may temporarily help relieve sore throat pain.

• Rest your voice (આરામ કરો )

If your sore throat involves an inflamed larynx, talking a lot may lead to more irritation and temporary loss of your voice.

Humidify the air ( ગરમ પાણી ની વરાળ નો નાસ લો )

Adding moisture to the air prevents drying of mucous membranes and the resulting irritation.

• Avoid air pollutants (હવા ના પ્રદૂષણ થી દુર રહો )

Don’t smoke. Avoid smoke-filled rooms and fumes from household cleaners or paint.