Can Diabetes Patient Exercise Any Time He/She Wants?

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Generally exercise is good but if you are diabetic you need to be little careful.

Your doctor or diabetes care team can help you choose the best time of day for you to work out. Together, you and your group need to consider your daily plan, your supper arrangement, and your diabetes medicines.

In the event that you have type 1 diabetes, maintain a strategic distance from strenuous activity when you have ketones in your blood or urine. Ketones are chemicals your body may produce when your blood glucose level is really high and your insulin level is very low. An excessive number of ketones can make you ill. On the off chance that you practice when you have ketones in your blood or urine, your blood glucose level may go significantly higher.

On the off chance that you have type 2 diabetes and your blood glucose is high, yet you don't have ketones, light or moderate exercise will most likely lower your blood glucose. Ask your doctor whether you ought to practice when your blood glucose is high.