Allergy symptoms and prevention

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home remedies

Common causes of allergy symptoms and asthma attacks at home include:

Mold or dampness

Dust mites (tiny bugs that live in beds and carpets)

Pets with fur, including cats and dogs

Cockroaches (roaches and their droppings may cause asthma)

Mice, rats, and other rodents

Secondhand smoke

Wood smoke

Strong fragrances

Preventive Strategies:

-Smoking does not just harm smokers but also those around them. Research has shown that children and spouses of smokers tend to have more respiratory infections and asthma than those of non-smokers. In addition, exposure to secondhand smoke can increase the risk of allergic complications such as sinusitis and bronchitis .

-Keep food and garbage in closed, tight-lidded containers. Never leave food out in the kitchen.

-Do not leave out pet food or dirty food bowls.

-Eliminate water sources that attract these pests, such as leaky faucets and drain pipes.

-Mop the kitchen floor and wash countertops at least once a week.

-Plug up crevices around the house through which cockroaches can enter.

-Limit the spread of food around the house and especially keep food out of bedrooms.

-Use bait stations and other environmentally safe pesticides to reduce cockroach infestation.

-Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to maintain relative humidity at about 50% or below.

-Encase your mattress and pillows in dust-proof or allergen impermeable covers (available from specialty supply mail order companies, bedding and some department stores).

-Wash all bedding and blankets once a week in hot water (at least 130 - 140°F) to kill dust mites. Non-washable bedding can be frozen overnight to kill dust mites.

-Replace wool or feathered bedding with synthetic materials and traditional stuffed animals with washable ones.