Tips of Dengue kind of fever Prevention

Dr. Bhavdeep Ganatra MD
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fever prevention
dengue prevention

1. Apply coconut oil gently on your body after bath. This will be your entire body coating and mosquito will not bite you.

2. Use clove (Laving) as lozenges. Remove the top rounded part of Clove & is the stick to keep in mouth & gulp the juice of it. Do it twice a day.

3. Have 1 bowl of KHEER everyday. It helps the tissue walls to prevent from seasonal infections due to increased pitta in the body during month of BHADRAPAD as Indian calender.

4. Your food must be cooked & is Indian cow's ghee in your meal along with roti & rice & khichdi. Ghee is a string Immunity booster, Pitta preventor & metabolism enhancer.

5. Avoid extra Sour(Khatta),

Salty (Extra Salt),

Spicy (Teekha),

Pickles, Ketch up, preserve food, outside food, white flour (Maida products like bread, bun, noodles & sour fruits.

6. Avoid overeating & take minimum 30 minutes walk daily to keep your internal channels of energy completely clean & strong.

7. Take 6 to 8 hours sleep at night. That keeps your Immunity super strong.

8. Keep drinking enough water all the day for essential hydration of body.

9. Contact your family Vaidya immediately in case of any initial fever symptoms.

Keep healthy, Keep happy.