Menopause and Homeopathy

Dr. Bhairavi Parikh BHMS, CFN,MHA
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Menopause and Homeopathy

Menopause is the period of deprivation or ending of reproductive functions of a woman. It is a normal part of life not a condition of any disease.

During menopause level of estrogen starts decreasing in the body which is responsible for regular menstruation and reproductive functions.

Generally menopausal age differers in different woman between around 45 yrs to 55 years of age.

Though it is a natural process in the body of any woman, menopause can cause many physical and mental changes and causes severe symptoms like

• Hot flushes- a sudden feeling of heat in the body even in AC room or sitting under a fan with excessive sweating

•Mood swings

•Feelig of Lonliness though everyone is around

•Weeping without any reason

•Vaginal dryness

•Sleeplessness etc.

Homeopathy is best recommended and well-proven science to help a woman in this transition period of life.

There are many Homeopathic medicines for menopausal effects like Lachesis, Sepia, Graphites, Calcarea Carb, Ignatia, and many others.

Homeopathic medicine selected by a homeopath on the basis of detailed history and present symptoms provides great relief in all the symptoms of both physical and mental ailments. It can reduce the ill effect of hormonal changes in the body and makes the body more adaptive to it.

Along with prescribing medication a Homeopath also counsels the patients and family members to deal with it

and gives a better life.