Dr. Nisarg Shah BDS
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Is dental treatment really expensive?? 

Well in my very honest opinion, dental treatment is not expensive whereas NEGLECT is!! We all believe that it is a very subjective question, since it depends on the type and quality of treatment one needs/opts for. The more expensive one’s damage is, the costlier one’s intervention will be, especially when the procedure needs to be performed using the best materials and options available for ensuring the expected treatment outcome.

It is because patients often defer dental treatments, regular dental check-ups, due to their hectic schedules, busy lifestyles, or lack of sufficient funds at moment. If these kinds of things sound familiar to you, you are not alone..!! Most of us do the same.


Dental Phobia

Some people become more stressed out than others in visiting a dentist. This well recognized fear can lead to panic attacks and serious episodes of uncontrollable fear. When someone avoids a dentist at all costs it can lead to some serious oral health problems, heart disease and even stroke..!!!

Nothing Currently Hurts

If you are not experiencing dental pain now, very good..!! However it does not mean that you are physically alright, especially if you have been avoiding a dentist for a very long time. If you have a cavity that is asymptomatic, it probably means that the decay has not been deep enough to affect the nerve. The sooner you detect the cavity, the less time and money it requires for the restoration. The old saying, ‘A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE’ is very worthwhile in this context.

I Am Too Busy..!!

We all have busy lives. But delaying routine dental check-ups and cleaning and ignoring signs of tooth or gum problems may be common, but these things can be expensive. Therefore deal with your dental problems as soon as they occur.

Saving future dental bills, enjoying life and staying healthy, in addition to increased life span are some of the benefits you can have, if you maintain good oral health.

A toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, use them couple of times a day and have a preventive care visit to your dentist every six months is all you need to do..!!!

The Cost Of Avoiding The Dentist

Unhealthy teeth are most often expensive, as a large sum has to be expended for their restoration. A problem that could have been solved/prevented with regular check-ups and flossing or a simple noninvasive treatment can turn into a painful and costly dental experience.