Homeopathy for side-effects of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

Dr. Bhairavi Parikh BHMS, CFN,MHA
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Homeopathy for side-effects of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
homeopathy and cancer

'Cancer' is very scary diagnosis to hear for suffering of you or any of your loved ones. But it's a fact that number of cacer patients are increasing day by day. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are common conventional therapies for treating cancer. It may be given as primary treatment, before or after surgery or as palliative therapy depending on the stage and site of cancer.

The common short term side effects of these therapies are

• Fatigue

•Nausea and Vomiting

•Loss of appetite

•Skin burning, scaring or pigmentation

•Hair loss


•Oral ulcers (Stomatitis)

Also some long term effects like


•Scarring of skin

•Dryness of eyes,mouth,vaginal mucosa,sweat glands

•Heart disfunction (After therapy given on chest)

•Cognitive Deficiency ( After therapy involving brain)

Homeopathic Help during cancer treatment:

Homeopathy is proven as best alternative medicine used during treatment of cancer to reduce the side effects of the therapy based on extensive researches and proving in Homeopathic schools. There are many Homeopathic remedies who are proven to treat similar symptoms caused by the therapy and treats the condition based on the principle "SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTURE" .

Constitutional medicine selected based on detailed case taking and it's analysis by a Homeopathic physician helps a lot in long term effects of the therapy and also for prevention of reoccurance.