About Us

Konect Health platform is envisioned and co-founded by a group of medical professionals and IT experts. Improvement in health and well-being of individuals and communities is the core objective of this innovative platform. To attain this objective, Konect Health gives access to health tracking tools and health & disease related information. Further, it enables members interaction using modern technology of the internet.
Konect Health aims to serve following objectives:-
  • a) Empower individual and / or caregiver for better health / disease management by tracking various health parameters like symptoms, vitals, laboratory investigations etc.
  • b) Enhance individual engagement for better disease outcomes.
  • c) Foster individual and community partnerships. Users can join various forums and they can also create groups with similarly interested individuals.
  • d) Improve healthcare delivery with use of technology.
  • e) Provide reliable information about health and various diseases via expert doctors and / or healthcare institute(s). Users can follow doctors and hospitals who can write blogs / articles for patients